Now open for book reviews!

Please read the instructions below. Do not send requests via other forms on this blog. Thank you.



As many of you will be aware I review books. I am not paid to do this. I do it because I enjoy reading and read a wide range of styles and materials. I read and review about 4-6 books per month depending on the amount of time I have.


  • Instructional/motivational books (if I have done one for you before apply to me using the email from our last contact)
  • Christian books (or any other type of religious book)
  • Biographies and Autobiographies (will sometimes make exceptions)
  • Adult/Pornographic texts
  • Audio books
  • Academic texts
  • Manifestos

If you are a publisher or representing an author I will expect to be provided with either a PDF or Kindle version of the book. If you are the author (i.e.,self-published or self-marketing) I am prepared to buy the book (after all a sale is a sale and it all adds up when you’re starting out).

Book reviews will appear here:  Book Reviews. I suggest that you have a look at the page to get some idea of what I review and how I structure my reviews. I will review your piece, place a review on this blog (and Facebook), on GoodReads, LibraryThing and Amazon. I will also send you a copy of the review to post wherever you need.

PLEASE NOTE: I am in Australia – If you are asking me to review a non-fiction book check that it is globally relevant/applicable. Also check that your book is available world-world?



This is a case of first come first served. I will only set up a book tour if I have reviewed your book first. Please complete the form below.

Previous Book Tours available as a PDF download at the bottom of the reviews page.



Would you like me to review your book? You will need to send me a brief blurb/description of the book, where I can buy a copy, if you want a book tour, and any other details you think that I should know. I will usually let you know if I am interested within a couple of days. Depending on my workload, it may take about 6 weeks to review your book.

Note: If the form is absent or if there is a note saying that I am currently not accepting submissions, it means that I AM NOT ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS!

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