1. Book Reviews – 2019

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Rating Scale:

  1. *****  Fantastic! You’ve gotta read this one!
  2. ****  Great. Well worth a look
  3. ***   OK. You may enjoy it.
  4. **    Not so great. Either dull, badly written, or just plain awful. Not recommended
  5. *     Unspeakably bad. Couldn’t finish it

“The Man Who Came Uptown” By George Pelecanos


Genre: Fiction: Crime/Thriller

Read:  January 2019

Review to come

 “Boys will be Boys” By Clementine Ford

Rating: *****

Genre:  Non-Fiction: Social Commentary/Gender Politics

Read:  January 2019

Review to come

“The Trauma Cleaner: One Woman’s Extraordinary Life in the Business of Death, Decay, and Disaster” By Sarah Krasnostein

Rating: ****

Genre:  Non-Fiction: Biography

Read:  January 2019

“The Trauma Cleaner” is a two pronged tale about the life of business woman, Sandra Pankhurst. The book describes, in sometimes gory detail, the ins and outs of trauma cleaning. This is the cleaning of properties where a natural death, murder or a crime has occurred, or where a person with a mental illness or disability, has been unable to clean and is now living in the equivalent of a garbage dump. Kranostein describes the work processes undertaken by Ms Pankhurst and her team, and the lengths she goes to, to win the trust and engagement of her clients.

The descriptions of the cleaning business work are broken up with the tales of Ms Pankhurst’s life experiences. Krasnostein describes her life from her harrowing childhood, to her difficulties coming to terms with her gender identity, work in the sex industry, drug and alcohol addiction, managing a business, chronic illness, and family relationship. It’s a tale of tragedy and triumph, failures and successes, sadness and joy. This is well worth the read.

“101 Marvellous Movies You May Have Missed” by David Stratton

Rating: ****

Genre:  Non-Fiction: Arts & Culture

Read:  January 2019

I am a huge movie fan and was surprised to find that I had only seen six of the films mentioned in this book (Agora, The Birth of a Nation, Burke & Wills, The Deep Blue Sea, Mullet, and Road to Nhill – aside from ‘Agora’ and I guess “Birth of a Nation’ I didn’t find them particularly impressive). The book is set out with one film per two pages, offering a brief synopsis, background of the production and details of the release. It’s an interesting collection and I will certainly be making an effort to look for some of these films during the year.


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